Holidays in the Castle

You need to rest? Are you tired of everyday routine?


Then we have a great offer for you- holidays by the sea!

Rest in a quiet, peaceful place which is the only castle in Poland located by the sea. You’ll sleep in beautiful rooms in the historic Castle and enjoy delicious dishes prepared by the Castle Chef.


More details and reservations below …



We invite you to the charming Castle by the sea for few days where you will also have the opportunity to meet our wonderful horses. 😊

As part of your stay we offer:


-accommodation in the historic Castle in Rzucewo – Hotel by the sea

-breakfast, lunch and dinner

-beautiful surroundings

-possibility of staying with a dog (additional cost)

-selected amount of horse riding lessons

-helmet rental

-carriage ride (when choosing this option)


Have you never ridden before? It’s not a problem for us! We are happy to take you for a walk on the beach with assistance or teach the basics on a lunge!

For advanced riders- trips to the beach, to the forest or training on a riding arena – you choose!



  1. Rides take place in groups
  2. If the rider rides alone, the rides are hourly
  3. If the rider requires lunge rides, the rides are divided in half, i.e. we choose twice as many rides as we plan to ride

for example.

  1. a) 12 rides will be 12 rides for 30 minutes
  2. b) 24 rides for 30 minutes
  3. If you would like individual rides we also divide in half, i.e. we choose twice as many rides as we plan to ride

for example.

  1. a) 12 rides – 6 hours of individual riding
  2. b) 24 rides – 12 hours of individual rides

Are you worried that for important reasons beyond your control you will not be able to come for a booked holiday? Don’t worry – just let us know!*  We’ll find another date for you and change it at no extra charge!

*up to 2 weeks in advance. In situations related to your health, the 2-week deadline does not apply, but be sure to contact us as soon as you found out about the situation!

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