Horse Riding Camp Mustang Mosty

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Do you want to experience a summer adventure? learn how to ride or develop your skills? Our horse-riding camp by the sea is the perfect place for you! We will learn in small groups. Each camp participant receives accident insurance. Additional horse riding classes, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing course can be purchased. All rooms are 100 meters away from the stable, there are rooms for 3 and 4 persons, each with private bathroom. Children also have morning aerobics 😀

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  1. Two horse rides a day: – jumping training – dressage training – for less advanced classes on a lunge


-for people starting their adventure with horse riding 2 x 30 minutes of lunge at the moment of starting the independent ride (without a lunge) we go to the intermediate group and there 2 x 60 minutes


  1. Theoretical classes: – how to recognize, prevent and treat basic horse diseases? – matching the right diet for each horse – horse anatomy and more


  1. Taking care of the assigned horse in the group of 2 participiants


  1. Horse rally (depending on skills)


  1. Costume contest


  1. Horse cariagge ride to the bonfire


  1. Riding competitions (discipline suited to the rider’s level of advancement)


  1. Many games


  1. Horse trips


  1. Helping in the stable (feeding, watering, sleeping on hay)


In addition to time spent with horses, we offer:


  1. Aquapark where you swim with real sharks


  1. Swimming in the sea on a guarded beach


  1. Movement games


  1. Art classes


  1. Campfire with sausages


  1. Fun moments with horses


An example of the day plan


7:00 am – Wakeing up


8:00 am – feeding horses


8:30 – breakfast.


9:15 – preparing horses for riding.


9:30 – horse riding group 1. / Group 2 grooming and preparing horses for a ride


10:30 – horse riding group 2. / Group 1 grooming and preparing horses for a ride


11:30 – Feeding horses


13: 00- dinner


14:00 – preparations for riding


14:30 – horse riding group 2. / Group 1 learning how to lunge a horse.


15:30 – horse riding group 1. / Group 2 learning how to lunge a horse.


16:30 – Free time before fun.


17: 00- Games


19:00 – feeding horses and closing the stable.


19:30 – Dinner


20:00 – evening games


22:00 – Quiet hours

Are you worried that for important reasons beyond your control your child will not be able to come for a camp? Don’t worry – just let us know!*  We’ll find another date and change it at no extra charge!

*up to 2 weeks in advance. In situations related to your health, the 2-week deadline does not apply, but be sure to contact us as soon as you found out about the situation!

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